Wireless security, suitable for smaller and difficult to reach spaces

Site-Watch Flex can be installed everywhere. Power supply or cabled connections are not needed. The system can be used in the most difficult conditions, such as high or freezing temperatures and other extreme weather conditions.

The system

Site-Watch Flex system comprises a central unit to which various movement detectors with built-in cameras can be linked. This means that BouwWatch Flex can cater for every situation.

Video detection

• In the event of an intruder alert, the camera and video detection start recording within a few seconds.
• This video detection is sent to the alarm receiving centre for assessment.
• The officer at the alarm receiving centre assesses the video detection and manages any follow-up and/or contacts the police (LiveView).

Advantages of Site-Watch Flex

  iconok Easy to install in the most inaccessible places
  iconok For use both indoors and outdoors
  iconok Wireless
  iconok No power supply needed on site
  iconok Works for 4 years on 1 set of batteries
  iconok Video detection (eliminates false alarms)

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