Clear HD images of your project

WebWatch provides unique, high-quality HD images of your building project or infrastructure object. You have a remote birds-eye view without you having to install internet on site. Visitors to the watching website can follow the latest activities whenever they wish. And image archiving enables you to enter a specific date and time to review previous situations.

Watching website

Once the WebWatch has been installed, we'll send you a watching website. You can follow your project progress live on this. You can also establish a livestream with moving images!

          View the live demo here >


If you're producing a portfolio or presentation at the end of your project you can compile time-lapse video entirely according to your requirements. We'll send an initial draft version and will adjust the video based on your feedback. You could consider including logos, text and transitions.

WebWatch versions

WebWatch is available in various versions. You could decide to hire only the WebWatch camera system but you can also use WebWatch complete with its own mast and battery pack back-up system.

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